There are many things you can do to help the peace movement. The suggestion list below is only a beginning.

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Spread the Word
Mail a Bag of Rice
Donate Time, Money, Ideas or Goods
Write Your Opinion
Voice Your Opinion
Show Your Opinion
Claim your Home or Business as a place for Peace
Organize a showing of "Greetings from Missile Street
Write a Letter to the Editor
Make Food, Not Bombs
Sign a Peace Pledge
Be Counted
Investigate Political Alternatives
Chalk One Up for Peace
Donate a Health-Kit to an Iraqi family
Participate in a March, Rally, or Vigil
Advertise for Peace
Serve on a Focus/Affinity Group
Donate a Book
Adopt a Library
Educate Yourself
Educate Others
Monitor Military Access and Involvement in your Schools and Community
Consider Becoming a Conscientious Objector
Organize a Post-Office Action
Explore Transportation and Energy Alternatives
Support Fair Trade
Defend Your Civil Liberties
Support American-Arab and Muslim families in your area
Cheap Art
Host an Event
Adopt a Bridge
Refuse to Pay War Taxes
Sponsor a Delegate on a Peace Team
Attend Public Events
Stay in Touch
Join/Start a Video or Book Discussion Club
Support a Local Resolution against the War
Bird-dog a Politician

Spread the Word:
Mail/email a friend our calendar of events. Our Calendar: Post fliers about upcoming programs or ones that call us to question policies of war and violence in your neighborhood. For copies of flyers on SPR upcoming programs, please send a note to For examples of other flyers and posters to download see: Posters from Adam Nieman: Posters from Reclaim the Streets: Posters from Law Professors for the Rule of Law: Flyers from War Resisters League: Student Peace Action flyers and posters:

Mail a Bag of Rice:
Participate in the grassroots campaign to tell President Bush, "If you are going to send something to Iraq, it should be food, not bombs." For more info:

Donate Time, Money, Ideas or Goods:
Seacoast Peace Response is a community and we can only meet our goals and mission with your support. ß We raise funds directly to support our programs and actions, as well as for specific projects such as the Ad for Peace campaign (See for more info: All donations to Seacoast Peace Response can be sent to P.O. Box 863, Portsmouth, NH 03801 If you would like your donation to be tax-deductible, please contact us beforehand. As well, if you would like to host or organize a fundraising event, please contact us at ß We can always use new ideas for future projects and programs, and thoughts on how to improve our efforts and sustain ourselves as a community. Send us an email ( or come to one of our monthly meetings (first Fridays at the UU Church, 292 State Street, Portsmouth, NH) and let us hear your voice. ß At any event we host, there are ways in which you can volunteer. From handing out fliers to introducing a speaker to welcoming people as they come in the door. Please let us know if you can spare the time and volunteer. ß We always have a need for clear contact paper and colored paper supplies for making fliers, and markers, stakes, cloth, paints, and poster paper for making signs. For some of our events, food, as well as equipment such as VCRs, screens, slide projectors, and digital or video cameras are also needed. By lending or donating these goods youıll help us keep our programs successful.

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Write Your Opinion:
Send letters to your local and national representatives. For House of Representative addresses see: For the address of your Senator see: Or write President Bush at White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C. 20500. For sample letters to send see: [MoveOn] [Peace Action] For sample talking points on Iraq, see: Talking Points, by Phyllis Bennis, Institute for Policy Studies 12 Reasons to Oppose an Invasion of Iraq, by Patrick Carkin, NH Peace Action 10 Reasons to Oppose the War with Iraq, American Friends Service Committee

Voice Your Opinion:
Let yourself be heard. Ask questions. Call into a local radio program. Make an appointment with your State Senator, Governor or town Mayor. Some of our favorite call-in radio programs are: Democracy Now!,, available at the following stations: National Public Radio,, available at the following stations: Pacifica Radio,, available at the following stations:

Show Your Opinion:
Show your desire for a peaceful solution to our current crisis. Wear a peace button. Hang a peace flag. Put a bumper sticker on your car. Attack Iraq? No! bumper stickers can be ordered from: Peace Flags can be purchased from: High Flying Flag Co. P.O. Box 606 Greenland, NH 03840-0606 Phone: (603) 431-6676 Peace Pins and Buttons can be ordered from:

Claim your Home or Business as a place for Peace:
War Resisters League has two great downloadable flyers, including coupons to leave for businesses you patronize urging them to post a flyer in their windows claiming their store as a Business for Peace. For more copies of the flyers see:

Organize a showing of "Greetings from Missile Street": This Joe Public Films video documentary about a peace team visit to the town of Basra, Iraq is an excellent catalyst for community discussion around the issue of U.S. involvement in Iraq and the Middle East. For more information on the video and its producer/director Tom Jackson, please visit or contact: Joe Public Films, 163 Court Street, 2nd Floor, Portsmouth, NH 03801,

Write a Letter to the Editor:
Write of your concerns, your questions and your opinions on how to create global justice and peace. Most newspaper requirements for letters to the editor are that they be submitted in the text of an email rather than as an attachment, that they be addressed to the editor, and that they be limited to 200-250 words. Be sure to include your name, address and telephone number so the paper can verify you as the author. Some contacts for submitting letters to the editor are: Portsmouth Herald, Hampton Union, Union Leader/NH Sunday News, Fosterıs Daily Democrat, NH Gazette, York County Coast Star, Portland Press Herald/ME Sunday Telegram, Boston Globe, or online at: New York Times, Washington Post, or online at:

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Make Food, Not Bombs:
Host a potluck dinner and invite friends to share around the table their thoughts, concerns and wishes for a more peaceful world. There is nothing like a good meal shared between neighbors to strengthen a community. For information on Food Not Bombs cooperatives feeding activists for over 20 years visit:

Sign a Peace Pledge:
Another way to have yourself counted among those standing for peaceful solutions. Hereıs a few to look into: Michael Mooreıs Peace Pledge AFSC Campaign of Conscience Peace Pledge Iraq Peace Pledge

Be Counted:
Abraham Lincoln said, "Ballots are the rightful and peaceful successors to bullets." So, make sure you are counted. This is your democracy. If you are not already, register to vote at your local town office today.

Investigate Political Alternatives:
There are many alternatives to our current system of government that can foster a true grassroots democracy. Check out The Real Democracy project to start:

Chalk One Up for Peace:
Spread your message in chalk on your city sidewalks.

Donate a Health-Kit to an Iraqi family:
The American Friends Service Committee has organized a campaign to bring simple hygiene materials to needy Iraqi families. To participate, the AFSC request the following materials along with $5.00 for shipping costs be sent to: AFSC, Emergency and Material Assistance Program, 5 Longfellow Park Cambridge, MA 02138. Checks can be made out to: AFSC: Emergency and Material Assistance Program. For more information of the campaign see: The requested items are: 4 bars of soap & 1 plastic bottle of shampoo (13 - 24 ounce size or 450 - 830 milliliters). Place in plastic bag. 1 tube of toothpaste (minimum 8 ounces or 100 milliliters), 4 adult-size toothbrushes (leave in packaging), 1 hairbrush, 1 wide-tooth comb, 1 finger nail clipper and 1 box of adhesive bandages (minimum 40, assorted preferred).

Participate in a March, Rally, or Vigil:
There is power in our collective action. Check the Seacoast Peace Reponse calendar for local and national events you can participate in. For the calendar see: We often provide transportation opportunities by bus or carpool.

Advertise for Peace:
The Ad for Peace campaign was launched in 2003. It has been successful in raising funds to print ads in many regional papers, but needs your continued support to keep going. Visit the Ad for Peace website for more info on how to be involved.

Serve on a Focus/Affinity Group:
We currently have eight focus and affinity groups that converse regularly to address specific issues concerning Seacoast Peace Response. These are the Programming and Fundraising Committees, the Iraq Affinity Group, and the Tax Resistance, Radio & Media Action, Street Theater, Bird-dogging, & Direct Action focus groups. We can always use volunteers to assist us in our efforts. If you would like to attend the next meeting of one of these groups, please let us know. For more info see:

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Donate a Book:
Donate books or magazine subscriptions to your local public and/or school libraries in the name of peace. There are many wonderful publications out there providing viewpoints and histories of alternatives to war. If you are looking for suggestions of materials to donate contact SPR at

Adopt a Library:
The Council on American Islamic Relations has begun a program to provide a collection of materials on Islam and Arab society to libraries at a low cost. Adopt your local library today and make a donation! See for more info:

Educate Yourself:
Read alternative news and media publications. Find out about the history of non-violent action and protest in America. Learn about other countries. Attend a service at a local synagogue, meeting house, church or mosque. And most importantly ask questions and share what youıve learned with friends and family. "No matter what our attempts to inform, it is our ability to inspire that will turn the tides." --Artist/Activist, Jan Phillips

Educate Others:
Organize a teach-in. Teach-ins are informational gathering designed to help individuals better understand particular issues of public interest. Contact your school & community educators and activists, and host open workshops and discussion groups around issues affecting your life. For more information on organizing a teach-in please contact us at, or check the tips pages of: Sojourners magazine, or Student Peace Action,

Monitor Military Access and Involvement in your Schools and Community:
In 2002, New Hampshire citizens defeated a bill in the state Senate proposing that all young men be required to register for the draft in order to get a driverıs license. (For an article by former NH AFSC Youth Coordinator, Riva Pearson on the bill visit: Currently under the No Child Left Behind Act, passed by the Bush administration in 2002, is a provision requiring public secondary schools to provide military recruiters access to facilities and to contact information for every student, or face a cutoff of all federal aid. The only way a studentıs personal information and records can be withhold from recruiters is if the students or their parents make the request to their school administration. Educate your school board, parent-teacher associations, student council and fellow students and parents about their ability to opt-out of this violation of youth rights. For an article about this provision in the act visit: Join efforts for a balanced education about war in our schools. The study of militarism is taught in our schools through Junior Reserve Training Corps (JROTC) and often without a balance of peaceful alternatives and histories in the classroom. For information on how to order a JROTC organizing packet visit: For debate on the JROTC in the NH seacoast schools see the following series of articles from the Portsmouth Herald:

Consider Becoming a Conscientious Objector:
According to the American Friends Service Committee a conscientious objector "is someone who has sincere, deeply-held beliefs that make him or her object to fighting in war." Do you have all the information you need to make a decision to enlist or not? Educate yourself. Talk to veterans in your community about their experiences. Contact your local Veterans of Foreign Wars organization. Talk to Veterans now working for peace. (See: Contact the Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors and read their tips on what you should know before you enlist: . Ask the youth-workers at the AFSC-National Youth and Militarism Program about your options. For their contact info visit, Your choice will affect the rest of your life.

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Organize a Post-Office Action:
The United States Post Office will not allow packages over 12 ounces to be mailed to Iraq. Organize a group to bring individual packages over the limit into your post office one by one and attempt to have them mailed. Packages can include food or health staples that are of a non-threatening nature, such as condensed milk or childrenıs vitamins. Use this opportunity to educate the public about the continued sanctions against Iraq by inviting the press to cover your event. Voice in the Wilderness suggests that you, "clearly mark the outside of the boxes, Food & Medical supplies for Iraqi children. Address the boxes to The Iraqi Red Crescent Society, AlıMansour, Baghdad, Iraq. Then on a separate set of labels, mark the addresses of your local Representatives and Senators." When your Post Office employees refuse to mail your packages, redirect them to your local representatives with a note asking them to send them to Iraq for you! For information on past Post Office actions in NH see: and

Explore Transportation and Energy Alternatives:
Ride a bike. Walk. Carpool. Take a local bus or train. Learn about solar and wind power for your home. Decrease our dependence as a community on foreign sources of food, water, energy & fuel, and increase our sustainable as a healthy community. For local bus, train, and carpool schedules visit: COAST bus C & J Trailways bus UNH Wildcat Transit bus Concord Trailways bus Seacoast Trolley Company York County (ME) Community Action bus and car service NH Rideshare carpooling Park and Ride carpooling Bike Commuting info from Seacoast Alternative Transportation Guide Amtrak Downeaster train MBTA Boston subway Portland, ME transportation ShuttleBus from Biddeford to Portland, ME For regional information on alternative energy and fuel options see: New England Electric Auto Association Solectria alternative energy and transportation systems Sunweaver solar energy alternatives Sundance solar energy products Envirotecture architects Seacoast Anti-Pollution League Northeast Sustainable Energy Association New England Renewable Energy Festival Recycline, Inc. For information on local food and water sources see: Clean Water Action-NH Save Our Groundwater EcoFish, Inc. Seacoast Growerıs Association Farmersı Markets-NH State Department of Agriculture, Markets and Food Farm Stands-NH State Department of Agriculture, Markets and Food Maine Department of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Resources searchable listing of farm stands and farmersı markets Portland (ME) Public Market Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association Stony Field Farms Great Bay Food Coop

Support Fair Trade:
How free is our free market? Wars are often waged for control of resources and trade markets. By supporting the fair trade movement between nations and cultures, you support a more peaceful and humane world. To receive email updates on the fair trade movement in New Hampshire, contact the NH-American Friends Service Committee at (603) 224-2407 or . For other resources on alternative economies and fair trade see: Fair Trade Resource Network Global Trade Watch Grassroots Economic Organizing Newsletter Alternatives to Corporate Globalization- IMC Philadelphia

Defend Your Civil Liberties:
Know your rights! The American Civil Liberties Union has created helpful resources to help you know where you stand. Here are a links to a few: ACLU Bustcard ACLU Safe and Free As well, individuals are seeking the passing of local town resolutions defending civil liberties. For more information on suggested resolutions contact your state ACLU office or visit: For information on the presentation of such a resolution in Kittery, ME see:

Support American-Arab and Muslim families in your area:
We will only be free as individuals when our freedoms are guaranteed for our entire community. Gain a greater understanding of what it means to be American and Muslim. Invite members of a local mosque to share services with your church or synagogue. Express your opinion against the mass arrests of immigrants since 9-11. See the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee Action Alert webpage for more info: Or contact SPR at , for information on how to support Arab-American and Muslim families in our region.

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Cheap Art:
Toni Cade Bambara wrote, "The role of the revolutionary artist is to make revolution irresistible." Art bridges all communities. It feeds our heart and soul. Express your vision of peace. Create a public mural, draw a picture, take pictures and create a collage, design a bumper sticker or T-shirt, participate in political theater, write a song, paint a banner, make puppets! For more info on the Cheap Art movement and other art projects around peace and politics see: Bread and Puppet Theater, Vermont Puppeteersı Cooperative Home Page Theater for the New City, New York Virtual Museum of Political Art Studentsı Art for Peace project: Brandenton, Florida Visions of Peace childrenıs art project Teaching Tolerance Songbook for Young Peacemakers Poets Against the War

Host an Event:
Seacoast Peace Response is always looking for free or inexpensive venues to host future events. If you have a venue or know of one in your area that could be used, please contact us. (

Adopt a Bridge: Our brothers and sisters in Maine have been coordinating bridge vigils throughout the state. We can do the same. Please let us know when and where you will be vigiling so we can support you. For more information on the Maine Peace Bridges project visit:

Refuse to Pay War Taxes:
A.J. Muste said, " The two decisive powers the of the government with respect to war are the power to conscript and the power to tax." We are indelibly linked to our governmentıs ability to wage war through the taxes we pay. Refusing to pay war taxes has a long history in America. Such patriots who refused to pay their war taxes include Henry David Thoreau and Arthur Evans. For more information of the history of tax resistance and current resistance movements visit: National War Tax Resisters Coordinating Committee: or War Resisters League-War Tax Resistance: Other Resources: Anti-Iraq War Tax Resistance flyer: 2004 Tax Pie-Chart:

Sponsor a Delegate on a Peace Team:
For information on local activists and students traveling on peace teams that you can help sponsor, please contact us at

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Attend Public Events:
Check our calendar for a listing of events,, then describe your opinion of the experience in a letter to an editor (See the Write an Editorial section for newspaper contacts for submission), or in your own news report to an independent media center or news outlet. "Donıt hate the media, become the media!" -Jello Biafra Some contacts for submitting news articles are: NH Gazette, Public Access TV, Free Speech TV, National Independent Media Center (IMC), Maine IMC, Boston IMC, Western Massachusetts IMC, Vermont IMC, New York City IMC, Washington, DC IMC,

Stay in Touch:
There are many mailing lists that can keep you abreast of activities in your area. To subscribe to the Seacoast Peace Activists Mailing List, maintained by Seacoast Peace Response members, send us an email: On this mailing list you will receive calendar updates and useful news bulletins. Other mailing lists about regional info are: NH Peace Action To join, send an email to NH Peace Response To join, send an email to New England Region- Witness for Peace To join, visit: Peace Action Maine For updates visit:

Join/Start a Video or Book Discussion Club:
Through community discussion of these issues we all come closer to a peaceful solution. Start a neighbor discussion group at your own home, church or public library. For a list of recommended materials to discuss please check our bibliography ( Also many excellent videos and films are available from the AFSC Library. To view their catalog and rent individual titles visit: There are currently regular book and video discussions being held at the Dover, NH (Quaker) Meeting House by Seacoast Peace Response members. For more information on these events please check our calendar (, or send us an email (

Support a Local Resolution against the War:
The town of Santa Cruz, California was the first to pass such a resolution. To see theirs visit: For other sample resolutions see The Institute for Policy Studies website: For information on the city resolution against the war passed in Portland, ME see: For information on the city resolution against the war in Portsmouth, NH contact or

Bird-dog a Politician:
Bird-dogging is an effective way of gaining public and media attention around issues of concern to you. Make a difference by asking questions directly to those who represent you in government. For more information on local bird-dogging efforts contact SPR at or visit the Bird-Dogger website at



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